Top tips to travel comfortably and in style when flying

Top travel tips when flying

Flying – both domestically and internationally – can be a stressful and chaotic experience at the best of times. Nerves, excitement, lack of decent sleep, stress, dehydration, exposure to unruly children and, often, cramped conditions on a flight can take it’s toll on the body, making the flying element of a business trip or holiday a fairly strenuous task.

But fear not, lovely traveller – as seasoned flyers, Mrs Gist and I have popped together our top tips for travelling through an airport and on a flight, both in comfort and in style, without the obvious “fly business class” suggestion. Although that might help.

Sit back and let somebody else do the driving

A chauffeur-driven ride to the airport – or even a taxi – can take the hassle of navigating gridlocked motorways and finding a parking spot at the airport.

Many luxury airport transfer companies actually charge a very reasonable rate for terminal drop-off and collection, straight door to door with your luggage, which really takes the hassle out of the first step of getting away for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Relax in an airport lounge

Time in an airport terminal can be a stressful; uncomfortable and scarce seating, overcrowding, dim and dingy departure halls, overpriced food retailers, children running around hyped up on sugar… you get the idea. Fortunately, there is a way to find some zen and comfort before a flight, although for a little premium; an airport lounge.

The likes of No1 Lounges and Executive Lounges by Swissport run premium airport lounges across all major UK airports, featuring complimentary food and drink (buffets and often off-menu options), dedicated space for business travellers to connect and work and even rest zones with shower and spa facilities. What could be better than enjoying a massage before a flight?

Travel moisturiser

This is something that I swear by; aircraft cabins can be baron and dehydrating places, leaving skin feel tired and dry. A good quality hand and face moisturiser will allow you to feel human again, avoiding the unpleasant feeling of dehydration. Treat yourself in duty free!

Drink! Stay hydrated

As tempting as it is to make use of any complementary alcohol or fizzy drinks mid-flight, keep yourself hydrated; airline cabins are reduced in oxygen and are low humidity, seriously dehydrating the body, leading to tiredness and fatigue. Plenty of water will reduce the wear and tear on the body, making the long-haul experience that little bit easier.

Drown out the noise

The constant drone from the engines and the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal can be equally as stressful and tiring; I find huge relief in sticking in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones, my favourite being those on offer from Bose – again, another duty free opportunity! If you don’t fancy splashing out a couple of hundred of pounds on headphones (Mrs Gist still doesn’t know how much I spent on my Bose in-ear noise-cancelling earphones, shhhhhh!), ear plugs are equally as effective and give you a chance to catch a few hours kip in peace and quiet. This was a godsend on my recent trip to Abu Dhabi.

Airport and airline flying essentials

Top flying tips on an airliner

There’s just a few top tips on surviving air travel in some comfort – have we missed anything? Share your top tips below in the comments 🙂



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