Ted’s Grooming Room by Ted Baker, St Paul’s London – Review

Ted Baker Grooming Room review

Quite what Mrs Gist was suggesting when she presented me with a voucher for Ted’s Grooming Room for my birthday I’ll never be entirely sure, although needless to say it was much appreciated. I’m a modern man, a metrosexual if you will – I take relatively good care of myself, I’m into my male grooming products and I enjoy a bit of luxury and pampering; so a trip to Ted’s Grooming Room was something I was looking forward to.

Ted’s Grooming Room Review, St Paul’s London

I headed over to Ted’s Grooming Room in the One New Change development in St Paul’s, a stones-throw from both St Paul’s and Bank tube stations.

Ted Baker Grooming Room

Consultation and Sam

Upon arrival at around 4.15pm on a Wednesday, I was greeted by a young lad on reception in a fairly quiet barbershop, my coat and bag quickly whisked away and delivered straight into a striking and comfortable chair. Sam, a cheery-chappy master barber, introduced himself and our consultation began.

“Within the confines of something professional, let’s try something new, go wild” I boldly proclaimed, which could have really gone either way. Luckily, Sam knew I wasn’t an extreme renegade at heart and suggested a business-friendly restyle, including reworking my hair to suit my parting (I’ve unknowingly been styling my hair against my crown all these years), a number-two on the sides for a slimming profile and a light trim on top, partnered with a beard tidy-up and some eyebrow threading. Admittedly I was dubious on the latter but being the modern gentleman that I am, I agreed and waited for him to work his magic.

Ted's Grooming Room review

First Impressions

While Sam got to task, I had a few minutes to survey the establishment; clean, well-decked out in the fabulous quirky Ted style but with nods to the traditions of Turkish shaving and barbering, including hot towel shaves with cutthroat razors and ear-flaming, a technique involving a lit swab near the ears to burn little hairs away.

Ted Baker Grooming Room


The place had a premium feel to it and felt like a real treat, the music sophisticated and indie and the vibe upmarket. Sat in the chair, I was offered a Turkish coffee although I opted for a refreshing bottled beer.

Ted’s Treatments

After my consultation, Sam started proceedings by applying a hair tonic and massaging this into the scalp, rehydrating the skin; this was really cooling and really quite refreshing.

After thirty minutes, some master craftsmanship with the scissors, blending and shaping, Sam completed my cut with meticulous detail, probably my favourite cut to date.

We then moved onto the beard tidy-up, which was initiated by the application of a hot towel to the face to prepare the skin for the application of the cutthroat razor to achieve some clean lines, after my beard was trimmed; my beard was lined-in and shaped with absolute perfection.

Sam moved onto the ear-flaming, lighting a swab and waving it like a circus showman around my ears, leaving a tidy and clean look, even if there was a slight smell of burning in the air. Fortunately, I wasn’t wearing any flammable items on this particular day.

Finally came the eyebrow-threading, which after much reflection, I can only really summarise as something that started off not too bad but grew to STING LIKE A B*TCH. However, the after results were two very neatly groomed brows that looked SHARP, something colleagues picked up upon my return to the office which many compliments. I’ve never paid much attention to my brows previously, aside from the occasional tweezering, however, I am now a convert and will definitely consider brow-threading in the future. I can’t believe I’ve admitted to this.

Another wash, blow-dry and style with Ted’s very own mud clay, Sam finished the experience with the application of Ted’s Grooming Room Cologne (which, by the way, smells SENSATIONAL) thereby completing both Ted’s Full Service (£54.00 for the haircut and clean shave / beard style) and Brow Threading (£14.00).

Groomed to perfect at Ted’s Grooming Room

Ted Baker Grooming One New Change

At the end of the experience, I felt fantastic – genuinely. My brows looked great, I loved my new hairstyle and the cut was exceptional, plus I had the fresh scent of Ted Baker’s cologne following me about. It’s hard as an anonymous blogger to share the results without the use of a photo so you’ll just have to use your imagination, but it really was sensational.

Sam and the team at the One New Change branch of Ted’s Grooming Room were exceptional, filled me with confidence and left me feeling amazing. I value confidence-boosters like this and believe it’s money well spent.

As somebody who regularly spends £18.00 every three weeks on a haircut, it’s quite a jump to  £54.00 at Ted’s Grooming Room for a trim and beard style at such frequency, however, I return perhaps on a six-week cycle with a cheaper cut in the middle. I am a big convert; I love the sophistication, the products used and the traditional craftsmanship.

Ted’s Grooming Room
Locations across London, incl. St Paul’s, Cheapside, Canary Wharf & Mortimer Street.


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