Liam Gallagher – As You Were: Ballsy rock n’ roll is back

After that infamous Oasis split, I’ll declare this now – I was firmly a Noel Gallagher man. I always felt that he was the real talent behind the chemistry of Oasis, Liam more of the showman up front to give it a bit of that for the lads.

Things were again confirmed after some woeful material surfaced from Beady Eye, Liam’s onward project which, with the exception perhaps of The Roller, really didn’t cut the mustard for me. With the exception of Pretty Green, Liam’s 60s-inspired men’s fashion venture which I am a huge fan of, I really figured that was it from the ballsy frontman, until at least the inevitable Oasis reunion.

Things all changed though on the first play of As You Were, Liam’s brand new solo album. And wow. Wow x10. Christ on a bike.

Liam Gallagher As You Were Album Review

Liam Gallagher – As You Were Album Review

Right off the bat, As You Were leaps into action with Wall of Glass, a big beefy belter that encourages you to crank up the volume to the max; gospel influences mixed in with a solid set of drums and guitar overtones – not to mention Liam’s unmistakable vocals – make for a powerful opening.

The lead single off the album, Wall of Glass is everything and more that I wanted from Beady Eye. Liam is making a big statement and I bloody love it.

More mellow and ballad-like tracks such as When I’m In Need, soulful Universal Greed and Paper Crown, the latter dedicated to his brother Noel, demonstrates the songwriting maturity that Liam has reached in his career. Paper Crown, in particular, has a strong Beatles throwback feel to it, this in part perhaps from Liam’s vocal style.

Chinatown deserves a special mention, a statement from Liam Gallagher on the state of modern-day politics which high-brow lyrics such as “What’s it to be free, man? What’s a European? Me, I just believe in the sun.”. Whatever your take, I think the track is a bit of a grower and I can imagine playing it, roof down, cruising in the late summertime sunshine.

For me though, the excitement of this album comes from the big sounds of the aforementioned Wall of Glass, Greedy Soul, You Better Run and Come Back To Me; great diversity and richness, tracks I can imagine blowing the roof off several arenas over the summer. ‘av it large.

Liam Gallagher has played a blinder with this album and I am still loving it several months from initial launch. Fantastic diversity, big sounds and a lot of Gallagher-cahoonas thrown in for good measure. Make sure you play it loud.


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