A Mummy’s Guide to the Fitbit Flex 2: Would it really change my life?

Fitbit Flex 2 review

Having a new born obviously means your sleep is…well, different! The newest addition to the Gist household is, unfortunately, not a sleeper unless he’s snuggled up on my chest. Not only does this make Mr Gist a little jealous, but it also means that it’s proving tricky to shift the mum-tum, I’m always trying to catch up with sleep and the carpets aren’t getting hoovered; okay, the latter is a little off-topic, but it’s depressing having a yucky carpet. ANYWAY, reflecting on all of this led me to be more conscious of how much movement (if any…) I was doing, and how much sleep (or not…) I was getting. Mr Gist suggested a fitness tracker of some description and with him upgrading to the new Apple Watch Series 3, his Fitbit Flex 2 became redundant.

It was time to give the Fitbit a go.

Fitbit Flex 2 Review

It’s important at this point to provide a disclaimer that I am not a techie or gadgety person; I only have an iPhone because Mr Gist told me to get one. However, I really like the Fitbit from my first few days of use as it’s evidently a helpful piece of kit that will help my lifestyle.

Paired with my iPhone over Bluetooth, it’s super-easy to quickly download information about my step count and how many hours of sleep I’ve had, the latter broken down into interrupted or deep sleep which has proven rather fascinating. In fact, I’ve found myself obsessing more about getting to bed earlier and settling down before the inevitable midnight disturbance from the little one.

The Fitbit app is also great to monitor water consumption, which in my case is never enough, alongside calories eaten if you can stay on top of logging it; it certainly encourages me to think more about hydration and what I’m eating, which I expect over the next few weeks will help me shift a little weight, particularly when paired with the exercise tracking and goal setting. I find it super convenient having all of that in one place, allowing me to bin off a load of overly-complicated apps.

Definitely motivating.

The daytime hourly vibrate to remind me to get some movement in had to be turned off admittedly, I found this rather annoying; as much as I would love to be more active, a sleeping baby very much prevents this!

Not just tech

I like that the Fitbit Flex 2 is small in size, inoffensive to wear and additional accessories are available that make it more friendly to women or the fashion conscious, like a stylish rose gold bangle or statement necklace.

Fitbit Flex 2 accessories

Fitbit Flex 2 impressions

Reflecting on my first week with the Fitbit Flex 2, it’s certainly fair to say that it’s had a positive impact on my overall health and wellbeing;  I definitely know I’m not sleeping enough and its focused my attention on making sure I get off earlier and try and get Baby Gist off to minimise disturbances during the night.

It was pleasing to see that my daily step-count wasn’t as low as I expected it to be and when I start running again in the coming weeks, I think the Fitbit exercise tracking will be my best friend, motivating me to push myself further and harder. I’d love to use the full functionality, logging my food intake (too embarrassed by the number of biscuits…) and using it to get a bit healthier; I’m hoping when I return to work, things will find a bit of normality and routine – I love routine – and that I can really get into the Fitbit bug!

You can pick up the Fitbit Flex 2 for about £45.00, it seems like good value to me, especially if it gets you improving your sleep, fitness and overall motivation.

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