Apple iPhone X – Review: first impressions. Is it worth your money?

iPhone X Review

The all-new Apple iPhone X is arguably the most important, and admittedly expensive, new smartphone from the Apple stable that we’ve seen since it’s conception, with a radical design update, removal of the iconic home button and a full-screen immersive experience.

Apple iPhone X Review

It’s hard to believe it was some ten years ago since the iPhone made its way into stores, but there I was on the announcement evening pre-ordering my iPhone X 256GB. I’ve now had the phone in my possession since November as my primary device and thought it may be prudent to share my impressions now several months in.

I do not miss the home button on the iPhone X

I’ll go ahead and admit it; I couldn’t see how the Apple iPhone X would stack up without the home button, an interaction that Apple users have all become heavily accustomed to. I expected to find it infuriating, difficult to use and cumbersome. Well friends, I was wrong.

Apple iPhone X

Yes, it was perhaps a little disconcerting at first, but that was quickly overcome. A simple upwards swiping gesture brings up the menu, allowing one to easily hop between tasks and apps, no fuss. Now when I jump back to my work iPhone 6, it feels awkward and unnatural. The Apple iPhone X marks a significant and logical progression in user experience.

The Apple iPhone X screen is beautiful

The Rich and immersive edge-to-edge high-resolution display, a 5.8in Super Retina HD (OLED) screen, really POPS; it’s gorgeous and it really brings content to life. I can’t get enough of this, especially when chaining Netflix in between milk feeds (the joys of fatherhood) or on my daily commute.

Apple iPhone X camera and screen review

The Apple iPhone X camera is simply fantastic

The improved camera on the Apple iPhone X certainly doesn’t disappoint; the new shooting modes are worth the upgrade alone, different lighting and focus presets producing striking photos and selfies. Images are sharp and low light photography has significantly improved also, an area that has always left the iPhone trailing behind its rivals.

Apple iPhone X review camera

I particularly love portrait mode, one of the presets which sees the iPhone blur the background whilst focusing on an object nearby. It makes for an amazing selfie or perhaps a close up of a small object.

The 12-megapixel camera and a 7-megapixel forward-facing selfie camera, making it one of the best smartphones on the market currently for taking photographs.

FaceID is more than just a party trick

I was very sceptical of the new FaceID 3D facial recognition capability of the Apple iPhone X, but once again, Apple have simply nailed it. Without the fingerprint sensor that was embedded into older model’s home button, FaceID has now become the primary login method, users now simply looking at their front-facing camera to unlock the device. Putting it simply, it just works; with or without glasses, in darkness and even at all sorts of odd angles. FaceID has sped up the login and access process, and paying for items with Apple Pay is also much easier – facial recognition confirms your identity and authorises payment. Fast, efficient and almost space age. Almost.

Apple iPhone X review

Apple iPhone X features wireless charging

Wireless charging is a godsend. Yes, it isn’t as fast as using the provided cable, but simply dropping the device onto one of the many charging pads available on the market is dead easy. On that note, battery life is a marked improvement too, I’ve been getting an entire day out of my device before having to even think about charging, which was a common problem with older models. Charge anxiety is no longer a thing thanks to a great leap in performance from the Apple iPhone X, particularly noticable for me upgrading from an old iPhone 6.

Is the Apple iPhone X worth its hefty price tag?

This will probably be your largest consideration if you’re considering a leap into the world of the Apple iPhone X. At full retail price. you’ll need to find £999 for the 64GB and £1,149 for the 256GB model, with monthly contracts from the likes of O2 and EE setting you back anywhere from £60-£90 per month.y

For me, it is worth it. The camera alone is worth the investment, but I am loving the responsiveness of the device, the improved battery life, FaceID and the Apple Pay integration, not to mention the gorgeous edge-to-edge bright screen. Apple have done a cracking job with the Apple iPhone X and I’m still loving mine several months down the line.

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