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Welcome! Mr & Mrs Gist are a married husband and wife blogging duo, together as best friends for well over a decade. As parents, they share a love of friends and family, enjoying time exploring London and the UK, good food and drink, alongside travelling as much as their wallets and time allow. Whilst London bloggers in their own right, you’ll find The Gists on an adventure wherever you can find something interesting or fun (or where there is food).

Mr & Mrs Gist live for their children and love finding family-friendly things to do, but believe in time spent together as adults; date nights are a regular occurrence in The Gist’s household, whether it be trips to the cinema, a meal out or a luxury hotel stay. Whilst adoring being a Mummy and Daddy, they are determined to not let parenting stand in the way of their time together; instead, complement it.

Mrs Gist loves evenings in, a good film or Netflix series, prosecco, fashion, beauty and all-things Harry Potter. Mr Gist loves evenings out, gin, male fashion and grooming, dining out, motorsport and the finer things in life such as luxury travel, watches and cars. Mr Gist also frequently reminds himself that Mrs Gist is always right and that he should always keep her on side.

Who are The Gists?

The Gists love writing about things they enjoy doing as a couple or with their children, but enjoy the freedom of sharing their experiences without the pressures of revealing their identities. Their personal and family life is sacred and something they personally believe in not splashing across the Internet; subsequently, they chose to protect this, instead focusing on their experiences.

You can always count on their integrity to share an honest account of things that they enjoy doing, will always disclose where reviewed items are sponsored or gifted; their opinions are not swayed by any endorsement and they will always tell it how it is.

Why ‘Gist’? Well, the best things in life are short and sweet (Mr Gist frequently tells Mrs Gist this); every post leads with a short snippet, summarising a review, a date night, a travel post etc. Plus, Mr & Mrs Nutshell didn’t sound quite as appealing.

The Gists thank you for visiting their blog and look forward to welcoming you back over the coming months as they share more of their date nights, luxury, travel, family-friendly things to do and lifestyle posts.

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